Marmon E-75 1927


Manufacturer      : Marmon

Type                      : E-75

Year                       : 1927



Colour                    : Blue

Condition               : Good



Colour                      : Blue

Condition                 : Good


License                      : Dutch


Marmon E-75”Custom series”, is a very excusive car.

It belongs to the range og Duesenberg en Pierce Arrow

(the most exclusive cars in those days).

It has a twinspark aluminium  engine( 12 volt).

Also the body is full aluminium build by


This car is always handled very carefully.

If restauration was needed is done very profassionaly.

The Marmon runs very smoothly.

This has a lot of interessing details.

6 new whitewall tyres.

I can recomment the reading of the history of Marmon.

This is a rare change for you to be able to get a “Marmon”.



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